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Live Updates – Fred Meyer Greenwood Design Meeting

September 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Fred Meyer, Fred Meyer Design, Fred Meyer Greenwood, Phinney Ridge


We are planning to provide live updates of the September 28th Fred Meyer design meeting from Ballard High School Library.

6:34: The board members introduce themselves and promise up to 3 hours to get through public comments. Reminder: Design issues only, no environmental issues. The board has no say over those.

6:35: Tom Gibbons, Fred Meyer’s Real Estate Director, is relating the history of the plan for Greenwood.

Gibbons talking about Fred Meyer’s community involvement and local employees. Promises 200 new jobs.

6:40: Architects are up now. Site won’t be rezoned. It’s staying C1-40, which has a 40ft height max. 200 apartments on the roof of the new Fred Meyer, 680 parking spaces. Pedestrian access over the roof. Now showing off pedestrian and vehicle access points.

6:48: The plan has been revised to set the garage back to preserve trees that were a concern at previous meeting. Garage is now 2 stories, with parking on roof. Residential that was on top of the garage has been moved

6:50: Vehicle access has been moved off of 87th. Truck access will be through widened alley on 1st Ave.

6:52: Three options. Fred Meyer wants Option A. Larger apartments, one-story retail facing 85th, ground-level residential parking with plaza access. Two-story garage with parking on lid. Kiosks and standalone retail near entrance.

6:55: Option B.

7:27: 3G reception is working in the room again. The architects are answering questions from the board about increasing the number of access points to the Fred Meyer store. It couldn’t be done because the site had to be lowered, and stairs or elevators would be required.

Board seems to want even more retail.

Question about the garden center: it’s on the ground level and isn’t an access point to the store.


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